How do I change my story to be shared publicly?

Please note that we only use stories for non-paid uses. Any partnerships or uses that we receive compensation for require a second level of permission that we request to all members, including providing compensation back to you


How can I have my story featured publicly on the blog and social media?

All you need to do is make sure you post your story to the "Permission To Share (Publicly)" topic.

What if I've already posted my story? How do I add or change the topic?

It's easy, just navigate to the story that you want to have shared publicly.

1 ) First click on the 3 dots, in the top or bottom corner (depending on if you're on the mobile app or a computer).

2 ) Next, click on Edit.

3 ) Click on Add Topic and then Permission To Share (Publicly).

4 ) Finally, hit Save.


You may have a member of our team reach out to you to request if we can share a story publicly if you haven't already given access. However, if you are doing this change on your own, we recommend messaging Kaye Lee (our Community Manager) so she can publish your story.


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