How do I see all of my stories?

Please note that any stories posted on our old platform are unable to be transferred over automatically. You can access the old system until December 31, 2018 and manually repost your stories to our new app.

Click here to access our old system

Wondering where to find all the stories you've told?

Our new app and system has filters that you can use to organize stories and posts in many different ways. This is how you'll be able to see all of your stories in a list.

On Mobile App

On mobile, you will need to tap the Filter icon at the top, to the right of the "Ask Question" button.

Tap to activate both "Your Activity" and "Quick Posts" to see all of your stories.

You can see that filters are active and how many, after you're back to the feed.

Click the number to open the Filter menu again and hit "Clear All" to go back to the main feed.

On Web / Desktop

Click on the "Showing Personal Feed" filter underneath the box for posting. It will open a menu.

Click on "Your Activity" and make sure it gets highlighted in blue. Then scroll to the right.

The last thing you need to click is "Quick Posts" as stories are considered quick post types when shared.

Now, you will only see your stories in the main feed for the page.

You can click the 'X' on the main filter to clear these settings and go back to having the main feed again.

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