How do I share a story?

Here's how to share your first story!

Are you excited? We are! 😄

On Mobile App

On mobile, there's a quick and easy "+" button right at the center of your main menu to create a new post.

At the top, you also have the "Add Post" or "Ask Question" buttons for different types of posts other than stories.

With the app, you can easily take photos within the app or upload existing ones in your photo library.

On Web / Desktop

If you're at the top of the page, you'll find the posting box (similar to many social networks) and you can click within the box to start typing out your story.

Or you can click on the blue "+" button and select "Quick Post".

Once the box opens up, you'll want to upload and include a photo with your story (they're strongly encouraged 😉).

Once it's uploaded, make sure your story is finished and then hit "Post".


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