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Can I get a job or internship with The One Project?

The One Project is run independently by one person, the founder Bryce Evans, who does not take a salary or wage. Thousands of hours have been invested over more than 8 years to get us here along with the gracious help of many others, including members, all built by the community.

We are always working on ways for people to become more involved to help our mission.

The best way that you can help and get involved is by signing up for the community and completing our requirements to become a community leader in your area.

You'll gain access to the community leader tribe, plus: 

  • Exclusive education and leadership training
  • Moderator permissions for our community
  • Ability to host events locally (ex. photo walks)
  • Special swag for yourself ✨and inspirational materials

Get started and join the community now

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