What if I haven't told anyone or I'm worried about my privacy?

We encourage you to reach out to loved ones and professional help as soon as possible and our community can help you start talking about it. The One Project is not a replacement for professional help.

Our mission is to help you — those who are suffering in silence and can’t find the words to start speaking up to get support. We know how difficult it is and that’s what we’ll help you with by using photography and these techniques.

Everything on our online platform and courses is private, yours, and available to members only. By default, no one can access anything you share on our platform without being an active member that is logged in.

You also have the choice to create a username or use initials, rather than using your name to further protect your identity.

You can also remove your location from your profile easily.

We never share any content unless first getting your express permission to do so, as your privacy and safety is our number one concern. ❤️

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