What should my stories be like?

A story consists of 3 simple elements: a photo, title and creative writing (usually around 3 to 5 sentences long).

While this is our standard when teaching and discussing our techniques, we want to allow creative freedom to those who may want to write much more for their stories. There is no wrong or right way to tell a story.

Your stories do not need to be very personal or explicit with details about you or your life, they can start out simple (and purposely vague). It’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with. Also, your photos do not need to be technically accurate, beautiful or taken with a fancy camera. It’s about using photos as a way of communicating, not as art.

Take a look at our featured mental health stories to get an idea or inspiration.

The most important part is that you take that first step and just start. We are a supportive community and you will not be judged.  If you're really stuck, just think of one thing you're grateful for recently and share it with us!

p.s. A story post is called "Quick Post" within our private community system and is the standard way to publish.

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