Why is this paid?

Hi 👋I’m Bryce, the Founder. I’ve personally invested a significant amount of my own money and thousands of hours over the last 10 years to get the project to this point, with the help and contributions of many incredible people along the way.

The One Project isn’t a big organization or a sparkly startup that wants to collect your data to sell or fill this space with ads. None of this is done for profit and we’re still pushing to become sustainable or else we won’t be able to continue. Our values come first and lead the way, which is a big reason why I believe our community is so special.

It takes quite a bit of money and lots of time to not only build, but host, manage and support all of this. We need to be able to cover our expenses and also hope to get to a point where we can payback more to our members through things like scholarships or mini-grants. As you may have experienced with many free services online, if you can’t see clearly how they’re making money to sustain the business or organization it unfortunately often comes through ways that have negative consequences like selling data that risks privacy, spamming you with ads or needing engagement for profit which can lead to spam, bots and hate speech or harassment online.

Currently, our Community Manager is the only paid role and I (Bryce) continue to both volunteer my time and invest my own money to help sustain everything while running this alongside my main business.

I’m confident you will experience how amazing our community is if you join and engage with us in the first 14 days during your free trial and see that the value we bring far exceeds the small membership fees we charge to help sustain it all (and fund free access for those who can’t afford it).

I appreciate your consideration and support to help bring better mental health for all ❤️

– Bryce

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